Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Myrtle Beach Meetup

I am fortunate enough to still have some of the same friends that I made in high school in my life. I owe the meeting of these friends in part to my sister who is 15 months younger than me. While I had friends in my age group, my sister and I tended to share friends due to the proximity in age and the fact we had to share a car (thanks mom and dad!). Two of the friends I have managed to keep in contact with also happen to be sisters themselves...and twins at that. When my sister and one of these sister's lived in DC together I went to visit and thus a new tradition of girl vacations was born. They came to visit me in Denver, we visited Michelle in Atlanta, and then we spent my bachelorette party in San Diego where my sister has since moved. While the three of them all got together in Jamaica for Michelle's wedding in April, I was unable to go and so since we hadn't seen each other in awhile we decided to plan another trip. My fabulous sister and Lisa did most of the planning which I thank them for and so all I had to do was show up in Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago for the getaway.

While my sister and I get along we do have an "expiration date" so to speak and so I limited my time there to 4 days while they were all staying a full week. Of course, I also had my yoga classes to teach which also hindered my time there. I had never been to Myrtle Beach before so I was excited for the vacation and since we were going after Labor Day I knew I'd have an easy time flying stand-by there. I ended up taking Delta through Atlanta and arrived about 3pm where the girls picked me up. There is about a flight every hour out of Atlanta which makes this a convenient route for those traveling from the west.

Rachel had rented us a condo for the stay so we each had our own bedroom and there was a nice size kitchen which saved us on the cost of food. Since Michelle's husband had to leave the day after I got there we decided to go out to dinner Monday night and went to a place called Bimini's
It's an oyster bar and I must say the prices are good and the raw oysters cheap. If you don't like big raw oysters this place is for you because they are on the small side. The hush puppies were terrible but my sister and I split the steamed crab legs pot which was more than enough for two people. They also had Landshark on draft which was a big bonus in my book.

Myrtle Beach itself is pretty hokey with your standard gift shops and giant seafood buffets but we were staying in North Myrtle beach which was pretty quiet (of course it is the off season now)
Our place was only a couple minute walk to the beach which is where I opted to spend most of my time. The girls went outlet shopping one day and Lisa's fiance played golf but I spent the day drinking beer and soaking up the sun.

Although the sand isn't quite as white as gulf shores beach in Alabama I had to keep reminding myself that wasn't where I was at because they are so similar. I really enjoyed swimming in the ocean which had some nice size waves for boogie boarding and no seaweed or jelly fish. I was concerned it might be a little cooler what with it being September and all, but the days were sunny and hot and hardly a cloud in the sky. No hurricanes in sight!

We spent our evenings playing charades, putting together puzzles, drinking wine, taking turns cooking dinner, and oh did I mention drinking wine?!

(we jumped a lot too)
Of course the days went by too fast and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye and head home. The airport is fortunately a straight shot and only about 20 minutes away from where we stayed so it was a breeze beginning my journey back home. My time came to an end too soon with my friends and sister but I was grateful that even with our busy lives we could all find time to get together and enjoy each other's company and the beach! Hopefully we will reunite sooner than Lisa's wedding which is set for next June...which then means we'll all officially NOT be single ladies wow!

Until next time ladies...

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