Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magee year in review

Every year Christmas sneaks up on me and this year was no exception. After Thanksgiving it seems like life had a fast forward button and before I knew it here I was facing the end of the year. The end of the year is always a time of reflection for me to see how much I achieved and if I obtained the goals I set out to accomplish. So it is the Magee year in review-

1. Received another stamp in my passport: this is important for me to do every year because it is the only thing that makes my job worth it. This year we traveled to the Bahamas for a friends wedding. While the Bahamas isn't exactly top on my destination list (due to the fact it is touristy and expensive) we throughly enjoyed the Atlantis. From the pina coladas to the casino and water park, the Atlantis had it all and was a wonderful spot to watch two of my favorite people get hitched. It was also the place I rang in my 30th birthday which is not a bad destination to do this. I try to be out of the country every year on my birthday so I killed two birds with one stone on this goal.

2. Hike 20 14ers: Ok so I didn't quite get 20 in as I had planned this year. In fact I only got in 6 (I had done 14 last year so 20 seemed a doable goal). There are 54 in Colorado so hiking 20 would have put me at almost the halfway point. The trouble was that there was so much snow we couldn't really begin to hike until the end of June and then the snow came early which ended the season around September. The other issue I failed to face was that last year I hiked most all of the mountains that were close to Denver which forced me to drive farther into the wilderness. Not an issue if you have a hiking partner but a bit of a hindrance in hiking alone. I am still proud of myself for hiking 6 but I hope to tackle more next year so that I can finish my list and see more of the beautiful state I live in.

(missouri mtn)

(mt massive)

(la plata)



3. Become yoga teacher certified:This is partially the reason why I did not get to hike as much as I would have liked. I started my yoga teacher training last January and it has been an adventure ever since. I finished my actual training in April and then began teaching 6 friends and family classes for my service project. Teaching was terrifying and humbling and exciting and it showed me just how much my friends support me. I had friends come take a yoga class that never had before and some friends that came every week. Without them I would not be where I am today. After my seva project I began teaching for my internship which meant I was on the schedule at my gym to teach 10 classes to the general public. These people had no idea I was new or not getting paid and it was up to me to make a good impression. Almost a year later here I am with two classes on the schedule, making a little extra money and a lot of memories. I have made connections with people from my classes and not only that my husband has become hooked on working out. Now we go to the gym together and he takes my class and gives me feedback to help me grow. This goal took up the majority of my year, time and money but it was so worth it.

4. White water raft: I cannot believe I have lived in Colorado 6 years before doing this but it has been on my horizon for as long as I can remember. My in-laws took us all on a mountain vacation in Crested Butte and booked us a white water rafting trip on the Taylor River. There is nothing like paddling through fast moving water and maneuvering a boat through rocks to bring a family together. I also went from being scared and sitting in the back of the boat to being in the front and wanting to get in on all the action. A must do next year.

5. Run an adventure race: I am by no means a runner but when one of my friends and teachers at the gym mentioned the Warrior Dash I knew I had to jump in and try. The Warrior Dash is a 5k adventure race and it was held at one of th ski resorts in Colorado. While you may be running you don't ever feel bored because there is mud to crawl through, walls to climb over and fire to jump. I had such a wonderful time I signed us up for the Rugged Maniac this past October which was another adventure race (although not nearly as challenging I thought). The best part of both races were the costumes and coming together with my friends and getting to know them all better through the weekend.

6. Girls trip: I think it had probably been since my wedding that I had a chance to see my favorite twin sisters and so along with my sister we planned a girls trip to Myrtle Beach. This was my first time to experience Myrtle Beach and I have to say the water was perfect and the sand was hot. We went in September so there was hardly anyone there which made flights easy for me. There are parts of Myrtle Beach that are filled with tacky souviner shops and giant buffets but we spent most of our time at a rented condo. I have to give my sister and friend all the credit for planning the trip and reserving the condo and overall giving us a wonderful weekend getaway. We do not see each other nearly enough so it was great to get together on the coast again.

7. Celebrated two years of marriage: I cannot believe it has been two years since saying "I do" and in January it will be 6 years of being together. While our relationship still has it's ups and downs like any other I can say that my husband and I have grown up and together through the years. We are more compassionate towards one another, listen more and support each other to no end. Chad has come to every one of my yoga classes from the start and he has supported my growth as a teacher. For our anniversary we wanted to spend it at Walloon Lake but since we couldn't make it to Michigan we camped and hike Tabeguache and Mt. Shavano, two of Colorado's 14ers. I thought it only appropriate to hike two mountains for two years. This also marked completing my 17th and 18th 14ers which was fitting because we got married on the 18th. It was a wonderful anniversary because, to me hiking is symbolic of a marriage. It can start out easy, it can grow tedious and hard after awhile, but we were in it together and finished with smiles on our faces. Not even dark looming clouds could dampen our day.

8. Learn to knit: I know this makes me sound like I am 105 but I really wanted to learn how to knit this year. I spent every Friday and some Sundays in November going to my friend Stephanie's house to learn how to knit and work on projects. The result was a new skill and some fabulous Christmas presents that I hope my family will love - or at least know how much time I put into them. I was determined to learn this skill and while I am by no means perfect I am grateful to have a friend who could teach me something that will stay with me my whole life.

These are just a few highlights of a year in the life of a Magee. I have been thinking long and hard about what I want to accomplish next year as I would rather set goals than resolutions for the new year. Of course I want to continue with my yoga education and get another stamp in my passport which will both be completed thanks to a level two yoga teaching retreat in Costa Rica. I want to celebrate my marriage again in another unique and special way as well as run a few more adventure races and improve my time. I am considering running a marathon or at least a half after watching "The Biggest Loser" and seeing those people complete one (in a desert no less!). And I would love to do a handstand unassisted in the middle of the room. I hope to continue to inspire people through teaching yoga and make new friends. I have gotten rid of the negative people in my life and for that I feel 100% more positive and fulfilled. I have no time for flakes anymore. I hope to grow my list of 14er hikes and visit Nepal at some point to see my future goal of Everest. Most of all I want to continue to grow as a person and fill my life with all the experiences I can. I had no idea what this past year would bring but I knew the direction I wanted to go in and as long as I can learn to keep an open mind I think that 2012 will bring great things as well.

Happy New Year!