Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Using @Justworks_hr to #WorkFearlessly


One of my New Year's Resolutions has been to grow my retreat business. In order to be able to run more retreats in the future I have to look in to hiring employees. I've always been hesitant to hire employees and photographers, however, because I wasn't sure how to manage a payroll, benefits, time-off, and all the nitty gritty that goes with having a staff. When I learned about Justworks, I felt I had finally found the answers to all my small business questions. The plan pricing allows me to pick based on how many employees I have, so I'm not paying the price for 100 when I only have 2-4. The Basic plan includes Payroll, Compliance, and HR tools and includes unlimited contractor payments, unlimited vendor payments and more plus 24/7. Support is something I need to grow my business and I feel that from the moment I log on to their website. Since I use a lot of different vendors when putting together my retreats I can easily make all the domestic payments I need at no additional cost. Another feature I love is how I can pay remote employees, salaried, hourly, full-time and part-time. No matter who I hire or where they live I can take care of payments after they take care of their work for me!

I know so many yoga studio owners who spend the majority of their time working on payroll, writing checks, and getting frustrated when their teachers fail to pick up their checks or cash them on time. Justworks would be the perfect addition to their business plans so they could easily keep track of payments. These studio owners can even make payday extra special because Justworks sends out a "You got paid," email with the information their teachers have elected to receive. I know, as a yoga teacher myself, I would love the ability to get paid across multiple bank accounts and view my payment details on my electronic paystubs. I've been recommending Justworks to every studio owner I know who could benefit from taking advantage of this service!

It's easy to get started and #WorkFearlessly with Justworks. Just go to their website, watch the video on the home page and get started. You can even request a demo so there's no risk to try. My favorite part? The cute little robot icon that greets you when you sign on asking, "Can we get started on a benefits quote?" From the moment I visited the Justworks website I felt at ease and ready to use the resources provided to take my business to the next level.

Letting Justworks do the work for me while I focus on the other aspects of my business I enjoy!
I feel at ease knowing Justworks is working for me!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Havasuapi Reservations 2019

The official website for permits for Havasupai permits for 2019 has just released information on pricing for this year. Unlike previous years you can now only book 3 night 4 day stays at the campground. The pricing is $100 per person per night but on weekends and holidays that increases to $125. So an average weekday trip for one person will now be $300 which includes your campground stay, permit and fees. Also, only one name can now be on the reservation so anyone joining you must arrive with you to the Office of Tourism to obtain their wristband. There will be no phone reservations this year.

It is recommended you set up an account on the Havasupai permit website listed above that way when they become available on February 1st at 8am (Arizona time) you can easily pick your dates and purchase.

The increase from last year, and the mandatory 3 night stay will surely have some rethinking their travel plans. We really enjoyed the trip and are considering a return one but we also know we could put that money towards a trip to someplace we have never been before. The area is stunning and worth the journey, but there's also the cost to get to the reservation, the items needed for the backpacking trip and the time off work to consider.

If you've been before do you think it's worth the price? Or if you haven't been would this increase deter you from traveling to Havasuapi?