Wednesday, February 17, 2010

43 Things

I believe everyone needs inspiration daily. Whether that comes from within or from an outside source, it's great to have some motivation to keep you going in life and whatever it is you want to accomplish. On my personal facebook page I often get criticized from a few of my friends (and sister) for constantly posting about how I'm going to the gym for yoga or spin. Of course I feel like the, "what's on your mind" status update should be just that, whatever is going on in life and I just so happen to work out. A lot. However, I've gotten quite a few people tell me that I inspire them to work out. They see how much I do and how I can fit it in to my every day life and it makes them want to do the same. I'm living proof you don't need to have a lot of time or money and you can see results and feel so much better about yourself if you just take that time for yourself. In turn I feel even more pressure to work out knowing others thrive on my self discipline which benefits me as well. I'm a competitive person what can I say.

I'm not quite sure how I even stumbled upon this website but the other day I found this great site called It's where people post lists of the things they want to do in their life. There are big things like getting rid of credit card debt to small things like drinking more water or growing a garden. I started reading through other peoples lists and also how they accomplished their goals. After 15 minutes of browsing I found myself hooked, and also thinking about "what are my 43 things?"

While I have only compiled a list of 20 so far I feel like having these things written down and in public make them more real. It's kind of like New Year's Resolutions for people who actually want to stick with their resolutions and in some cases extend them beyond just the year but through a whole lifetime. For example I want to get out of my credit card debt and cut my cards up. I know this will take more than a year but seeing this when I log into the site makes me more motivated. I also added some simple things like, "cooking a cornish game hen" something I know I could do if I put my mind to it I just haven't made the time yet.

I'm very excited about my list and adding more things in the future as well as knocking some things off. I also enjoy the "how I did it" section where you get to write about how you accomplished what might have been an easy goal for you but hard for someone else (i.e. how I gave up soda).

So here are my "things," what do you want to do with your life?