Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have a confession to make - I love Valentine's day. My favorite color is pink which probably affects my opinion greatly. It's not like Valentine's day has always been perfect. I didn't have a boyfriend to speak of until I was 18 and in Jr. High my life was made miserable watching all the "popular" kids send candy grams to each other. But my grandmother always made a big deal about Valentine's day -giving us cards and pink marshmallow filled chocolate hearts. Today I was dusting and was reminded of her as I came across two heart shaped jewelry boxes she gave me on separate occasions on this day. She always had some sort of treat for us for Valentine's day whether it was a box of chocolates or a card with a little extra money. My mom would always make sure we had valentine's day cookies from my favorite bakery or fill a gift bag full of goodies. The important thing was that my family made me FEEL loved just an extra little bit on this day. It's probably why no matter if I have been single or in a relationship on Valentine's day I feel so happy. This has always been a day of love for me no matter who was in my life because starting from an early age my family made it so special.

Since I have been with my husband we have typically gone skiing on Valentine's day or celebrated the holiday by skiing. I don't recall how it got started or why this became the tradition but it just is. One year I flew to New York City because Chad was working there and we spent the actual holiday eating huge slices of New York pizza and drinking wine out of plastic cups (we went to a nice dinner the day before). Browsing through my thousands of photos I managed to pull pictures from our Valentine's throughout the years:

(skiing with my brother at Keystone)

(on top of the Empire State Building)

(Secret Stash in Crested Butte)

(skiing in Monarch)

Now that I am married I don't have to worry about always having a Valentine on this day but I still have a big space in my heart for all those I ever spent a Valentine's day with and all those who made it special. From my grandmother and mom to my best girl friends who helped me celebrate with scary movies (opposite of love!) and every kid who every went the extra mile to buy those paper valentine's cards with the candy attached. Perhaps it has been all that sugar throughout the years that made me so delighted for this day but I am lucky to have such wonderful memories and reminders of love year after year. And because it's Valentine's Day and because it's my blog (so I can) here are 14 reasons I love my husband:

1. He wakes up in the middle of the night and lets the dog out while I sleep* (*sometimes I'm not actually sleeping but that's our little secret)

2. He attended all my yoga classes when I was first getting started - stopped coming to set me free and now comes all the time because he actually looks forward to it

3. He taught me how to snow ski

4. He hikes almost every 14er with me because he doesn't want me to be alone

5. He builds the best damn campfire ever

6. He cooks dinner because I don't

7. He bought me bebe (our dog) which was the best present ever and totally out of the blue

8. He bought me kinglsey (our cat) even though he did not want a cat at all

9. He knows how to dance

10. He shovels snow before I've even had coffee

11. He laughs... A lot

12. He's always up to date on the latest current events because the news is pretty much his favorite channel

13. He puts up with my bullshit in whatever form that may be and he rarely complains about it

14. He supports every dream I've ever had. He let's me be me.

My life wouldn't be complete without my best friend and I'm so glad he's here every day for me. Because I love my family and love all my friends but they can't always be there for me so I'm glad I have someone who can be. I've been on my own in Colorado and being alone is a scary thing. I'm talking, your car breaks down and you don't know a soul in the city to call alone. Like, have the flu you are afraid you are going to die and and no one will find you alone. Yes I've been that alone and I've learned a lot from it and it's made me a stronger person. But having someone to love is just wonderful.

I remember before my grandmother died I was talking to her on the phone and she said, "I'm so glad you have someone..you are much happier when you are in love."

Aren't we all?