Saturday, September 27, 2014

Some Summer

Summer, in Colorado, usually kicks off with my birthday in May. When I lived in Alabama summer usually crept in around March and lingered until September or sometimes even October. Unlike the south Colorado doesn't have a long stretch of hot summer days and it's not unusual for us to have snow here in May or September. When you love hiking 14ers like I do then the season seems even shorter so I always feel pressed to get in as much Colorado outdoors as I can while the weather is sweet. Last year Charlotte was only 6 weeks old when May rolled around so I felt cheated out of my usual summertime activities. I loved having all my time off with Charlotte but wasn't about to get out as much due to her being so little and breast feeding. This was my year of redemption, my summer of family, friends and fun. Adventures were to be had and I aimed to travel and explore as much as I could.

Well friends, I believe I succeeded in this task. I could write you a blog ten years long about all the amazing people I met, the experiences I had and the miles traveled. Or I could show you in photos because I believe these photos truly capture the heart of what my summer was. Fall has officially arrived so I feel it's the perfect opportunity to reflect back on these past few months...say good-bye to the hot summer days and welcome a new season of change.

Kicking off the summer...was my birthday celebrated with a surprise trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

With a side trip to Yellowstone National Park and seeing Old Faithful.

There were many concerts at Red Rocks including my mom's first show there seeing One Republic
A trip to Michigan where my camera met it's fate in the lake

And two attempts before finally summiting Mt. of the Holy Cross 14,009ft

Many 4:14am wake-up calls to teach booty bootcamp, to climb the incline and run a 5k

And relaxing times in Monterey to visit my sister and brother in-law
But mostly there were a lot of weekends I spent driving and getting up at 3am to do this:

kit carson and challenger

pyramid peak
Mt. Harvard

Mt. Bierstadt
 Five 14ers in one summer plus one repeat summit equals about 83 miles in mountain hiking on foot

Of course there was my yoga + hiking retreat in Telluride which pretty much capped off my Summer


This was the summer of sunrises, sunsets, mountains, traveling and adventure. Most and best of all I didn't let having a baby slow me down I let her strengthen me by joining us. She enjoyed plane rides, camping trips and oceans. Charlotte is the reason I get outdoors and enjoy my life so she in turn can enjoy hers and all this earth has to offer.

I've journeyed all over the world and I have to say there's nothing like coming home to Colorado. You don't have to go far for beautiful scenery, new experiences or making new friends. Every year I live here I feel it just keeps getting better and better and as I say good-bye to summer I welcome fall and the rest 2014 has to offer

Coloradical is hOMe

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