Wednesday, December 2, 2009

North Korea, The Middle East, Antarctica, Darfur

So what do the above places I've listed above have in common?
Give up? These are all places in the world I know I will never visit in my life. The rest of the world, however, is up for grabs in my opinion. Being a flight attendant, travel is not only my job it's also my passion and I like to visit at least one new country a year. I have found over the years that traveling is what truly makes a person interesting. I enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone and seeing how other people live and trying new foods and hearing different languages. The older I grow, the more I realize that it's not material things that make me happy or even last through the years, it's the experiences that I carry with me. After all I can still remember the meals I've had in Paris, or what the ocean is like in Costa Rica but have no idea what shoes I owned in college.

Chad and I agreed realistically we could take about 2 International trips a year and be satisfied. So we are in the midst of planning our next great escape to take place at the end of February. It hasn't been easy to decide and we still aren't 100% sure yet but it looks like we are going to venture to....
The Giant boot known as Italy! Of course just looking at the map I have no idea where we should go. I mean there's just no way to see the whole country in a week and a half so we will have to narrow it down to what we want to see most and go from there. I think the plan is now to book a place for the first few nights then stay in hostels so we won't be limited in what we want to see. I'm really wanting to go to Venice and Florence and possibly Milan. But while planning I've posted some pictures for inspiration:

What a beautiful country I can hardly wait to see it in person. And if it's not in February, rest assured it will be within my lifetime....

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