Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the Spirit of Giving - because who needs more "stuff"?

A few years ago, after my grandmother died, my family started this tradition of traveling for the holidays. We decided we all really didn't need any more "stuff" and it would be better to vacation somewhere and be together rather than spend a bunch of money on presents. Now that the economy is really down and people are losing jobs, I find it even harder to justify buying things just to have things. I'm sure Chad and I will exchange presents based on what we want, but as far as everyone else goes if I'm going to get them something I want it to be meaningful. My parents and Chad's family are coming out for Christmas and we will probably play some version of "dirty santa" where we buy a bunch of crazy wacky things and wrap them up and make the present opening more of a game than an obligatory "OOOH thanks so much I never knew I needed this." Because really I've always thought it was awkward to open gifts with a crowd watching me and having the expectation of saying just the right thing to convey my happiness at the said gift.

In the spirit of giving however, I have been on the lookout for presents that make me feel good to give and hopefully do good themselves. Enter this fabulous bag:

I love love love it. I love it so much in fact that I want it for myself (*hint*hint*) It's from and the profits from selling this bag will go to feed one child in Kenya for a year. AN ENTIRE YEAR people! And you'd think to feed a child for a year it would cost over $200 or something but no this bag only costs $60. The site also has this stylish bracelet (pictured below) which feeds 5 children a year and it's only $15. They also have a cute bear that feeds 5 and some other bag styles. You can also go to stores such as Whole Foods and buy the Feed 100 bag which feeds 100 kids in Rwanda and the Feed 3 Read 3 which they sell at Barnes and Noble which feeds three children and donates 3 books to children in the developing world. I love this program and can't think of a better way to spend my money. I honestly hate donating money to places where I don't know how it will be spent but when you go to buy these bags on the website you can actually see pictures of these kids you are helping and how many bags have been sold and meals provided. I know times are tight and $60 can be a lot so I did a little research and found they sell these on amazon too for $35.

Of course I still want my jellyfish aquarium but when it comes to a gift that really will last the whole year and makes you feel good about yourself, I think this is it. And if you are my friend and wondering what on earth to buy me, well you don't even have to buy one for me just buy one for yourself and inspire others to do the same. :)

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