Monday, November 6, 2017

A moment to introduce myself

Hi. This is me, @yogimagee otherwise known as Natalie. That's my husband and daughter and vizsla Bebe in the photo you see. Just a friendly reminder that I'm a real person and so are the members of my family. I share my life on this blog and social media and I know by doing so that means I'm taking a risk of opening myself up to criticism. But let me remind you, again, that I'm a real person with real feelings and this blog is for me and my intended audience. If you don't like what you read here I have a handy tip for you, close your browser and move along. I keep my comments open for those who truly value what I have to say and have questions to ask. The comment option on my blog is not so anyone can leave their hate filled comments on my page. So it's really as simple as that - don't like what I say, keep scrolling. Don't want to attend one of my retreats? Then don't sign up. Have your own opinions? Start your own blog. It's really as simple as that.

I don't welcome negativity here and that's not why I started this blog. Again take a good look at the photo above. I'm a real person, this is my real family, and I'd like to keep sharing my life through photos and adventures but I ask that you respect the people in the picture above by keeping any rude or hateful comments to yourself.
Thank you friends!

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