Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Babylove

If you'd like to read all about the day Charlotte was born, or when I climbed my personal Everest click here _ I wanted to share my birth story to bring hope and inspire others that a natural un medicated midwife attended childbirth is possible and I was fortunate enough my body cooperated. So for my daughter on her second trip around the's a poem I wrote for her....

You came into the world on Easter morning

From that moment on I knew life would never be boring.

You had a pink little face and blonde little head

You wanted nothing more than to be changed and fed.

Now you are growing I wish time would stand still

It’s hard to describe the emotions I feel

When I look in your face I see a lot of me

You’ve showed me what patience and true love can be.

I’ve watched your master sitting up, crawling and walking

Each and every day you learn more words for talking.

Some days with you are amazing while others are tough

No one ever tells you all this mom stuff.

Your eyes light up when you see us and I love when you hug me

Who you’ll be in the future I cannot wait to see.

Now that you’re two you can do so much

From slides, to jumping and running you pack quite a punch.

I call you my baby because that’s what you’ll always be

Although I know you’ll get older and maybe someday tire of me.

You’re the best gift I’ve never asked for and I don’t deserve your love

I have to thank the universe and the stars up above

For sending me a daughter that’s so full of hope and joy and light

From the moment you were born it was love at first site.

So happy birthday daughter, my Charlotte, my babylove, my binksy boo

We love you so much – I’m so happy you’re two.


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