Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Year, New Asanas

This New Year's day I was fortunate to be invited to an Inversion yoga practice group at Endorphin where I began teaching in December. Technically I taught at Endorphin before it split off from QiFlow where I also still teach. Being back at the space where I taught yoga every Monday morning and Thursday night for years was as strange as it was familiar. I was a student in that studio before I ever taught there and the City Park location was where I lived basically for three months during yoga teacher training. The space has changed many times but the feeling is still the same. Other teachers were there who were far superior in their practice to me and it reminded me of when I was brand new to the practice. I couldn't do crow, let alone a handstand and I was afraid to kick up even against a wall. Yet, I'd come back every week and get out of my comfort zone and try and fall and try again. The thing with yoga is, you never master poses and just when you think you learn one you find yourself asking, "What's next?" "Where can I go from here...?"

To practice these poses on New Year's day was a reminder to me that possibilities and endless and limitless if you are willing to try and fall along the way.

Yoga reminds me I am strong and my body is capable.

Yoga reminds me just when you think you have "got" a pose, there's so many other places you can take it.

Yoga reminds me to set goals, but then go beyond them once reached and set more.

Yoga reminds me there only failure is failure to try.

Yoga reminds me that you aren't rich until you have something money can't buy.

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