Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help for Haiti

In December while I was doing research for gifts that give back for Christmas, I stumbled upon Mercy Corps is a great organization which helps families and communities in need all over the world. What I like about Mercy Corps is they are constantly helping around the globe and you can donate anything from a few dollars to putting your money towards their specific mercy kits which provide everything from clean drinking water, to a goat kit, rice patty kit, the list of ways to help goes on and on. In light of the recent earthquake in Haiti I received an update from the website (which I am linked to on facebook) and found out they were raising money to help with the relief effort over there. I know there are probably hundreds of organizations like the Red Cross that are helping out but I thought I'd try helping out by creating a website where people could donate. I have seen a lot of people say their thoughts and prayers are with Haiti but what will really help more is money. Now I'm not a rich person but even I can donate what amounts to a few starbucks latte's. I figure even if 100 people just donates $1 it will help. Now no one certainly has to go through me to help but I want to spread awareness to the cause.
Here is my website:
I'm setting a small goal of $100 and I have already donated (although it's not showing up because I donated before I set up my page) The great thing is you can donate in someone's honor so I made mine for my husband and he got an email telling him all about it. This is great if you have a birthday or something coming up for someone and you know they have everything and you can't decide what to get them. Being the poorest in this hemisphere I know a little will go a long way

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